Anger Management

by Kellie Wolfe

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released February 3, 2017

Instrumental for Believe Produced by Bonez Dubb



all rights reserved


Kellie Wolfe Massachusetts

I'm gonna keep this short and simple. I love to make music. From Horrorcore to Rock and everything in between.

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Track Name: Introduction II
I support the underground and rap dope so whats the hate for,
Sometimes talking ain't enough that's what the violence is for,
That's why Im sneaking into rappers house through the back door
Keep a blade on me at all times keep it low like my credit score
Handcuff ya to the bed frame while you sleeping and set it a blaze,
Then burn the page where I wrote this to avoid the cage,
But the nonsense you speaking got me full of rage,
So fuck it ill go out with a bang damn how I miss rocking a stage,
So in the meantime this track will have to do,
Like the first broad to give you attention after a break up I guess this fat bitch will have do,
But Legs Open Very Easily with a quick rub now that's love
Beat it up don't stop until she cumin just don't forget the glove,
Finish up after she swallows it up,
Shhh you hear that?
think that's my homie Dan calling you a slut, what's up,
Where did I come from? shit My parents and the proper authorities still trying to figure that out,
Word of mouth says I'm a carnivore looking for rappers hunting in packs that's what I'm talking about,
Don't let my charm and smile fool ya Baby I'm far from friendly,
If it was up to me I'd slap the shit out you but my crew won't let me,
So I'll just settle for a beat, some weed, and I'll trash talk,
Fuck our president has no political background time for me to hit the charts,
Might take a minute to get it but I'll get it it's coming don't you worry about nothin,
Summon a demon just to exercise him to remind the devil know that I'm coming,

switching lanes cause you in my way,
Btw This Harley street bob make it easier to get laid,
Hit the throttle that's the motto,
until me and my team finally get paid,
I mean I just wanna be broke forever fuck out my face ain't nobody that lame,
Paying my bills cause my raps what's wrong with that,
Dream job I want if you don't hate I won't hate back,
The homie Lo Key said fuck hip hop so that's what I did,
Now I spit this wicked shit and have been since I was a kid,
I'm a creep and I don't mean Radiohead,
I'm outta my mind and don't mean mushroomhead,

Fill you with lead and I ain't talking about a beretta,
make this #2 pencil disappear like Health Ledger let you decided who did it better,
Been known to make rappers Yale without going to college,
Think I painted that picture well that's why you can call me an artist,
Starving one at that a little tapped off my hinge,
Binge watching my murder tapes enough to make you cringe,
Take a crack fiends syringe andh jam it in your neck where you sittin,
The take this rope and tie 13 knots in it and leave you hanging from a ceilin'
This is my therapy where I let this anger out,
The rage disappears after I say it out loud,
So welcome back to the show take a seat and sit down
Anger Management in full effect, now watch me flood the underground.
Track Name: Kellie Wolfe, Madd Maxxx - Send Me To My Grave
Im about to become a problem in this music scene,
Think you got what it take to stop me you better wake up from your dream,
Nah I ain't stopping ain't slowing down I ain't resting till I'm dead,
Kellie Wolfe is a savage what part of that don't you comprehend?
Im lyricist period bringing punchlines to the jaw,
Saying fuck the law and my words like drunk sex their always raw,
Anyone hating or claiming you hood And ain't afraid to spray,
You might be Strapped but I still see a pussy call that lingerie,

m A double D maxxx and Kellie,
Bring that murder rap empty your guts from yo belly snatch your celly,
Taking a selfie rocking to this melody,
Now these rappers are scared of me,
Not even flexing I'm tall, lengthy and crazy,
I'm spazzing out causing havoc,
2 girls wrapped in plastic stuffed in my attic,
Wanted to meet my ole lady and I just couldn't have it,
My friends bought me a special jacket,
Restricted,I can't move my hands and bought me a Hannibal lecture mask to match it you faggot
Track Name: Don't Push Me
I'm Telling you dont push me
I'm warning you don't push me
I ain't no killa but don't push me
Don't push me ahhh keep your distance from me

Let me rephrase it when I say I ain't a killer,
I murder everything in site like a monster, carve my name into your favorite rapper,
Welcome to the madness
catch kellie Wolfe he be spazzing,
When he's angry he be laughing,
That don't seem right shouldn't be happening ,

Anger management fueled by hate and passion,
Kitchen work is all I do and all I know is rapping,
And I'm passing you all quickly how you gonna let that happen,
Pedal to the floor with no brake so who thinks they be stoping me,

Said I got the pedal to the floor I wanna see who thinks they be stopping me?

It ain't gonna happen I've been waiting for years,
Better chance of finding an alien with a green card,
That's harsh that's why I rap hard,
My job so here's my biz card
Don't like me don't listen not that hard,
Talk shit get stabbed one way to get scared

Wait don't go I got a dope flow for anyone that wanna try to make an issue out of nothing gonna hit em with a knife blow

I know I seem Lil violent I know where you be hidin,
Hi hoe why you always lying
Die slow just because suck a rhyming
Kellie Wolfe and I'm coming for your neck,
At the slightest sign of disrespect,
Fold you rappers in half like a futon,
Without a second thought You get wrecked and then i move on

I murder everything in site
I murder everything in site
I murder everything in site
I Got that fire still burning
I got that fire still burning
I told you not to push me
I told you not to push me
Look what you did
I told you not to push me now I had to murder you now where's the mic who wanna be next to be killed (ha ha)

I got 99 problems and you ain't one,
Kick you in the balls now you only got one,
Prove I ain't a quita I am my fathers son,
I love my neice treat her like she my daughter, I oughta slap the piss out you disrespect my slaughter,
Kick and punch you into the corner,
And enjoy the fear in your eyes as i jam this microphone in my hand into your juggular,
This is lyrical murder ain't you ever hearda this kellie Wolfe platta dope flows we be serving ya
I don't give a fuck about your opinion if you coming at me like the world owes you something uh!
i smell fear a mile away (slow)

and you fucking stink bro (kinda fast)

I don't think you really want this

As I continue to watch my wolfe pack grow

I can eat a handful of pills and pour bleach in my eyes and still see right through your disguise your lies I dispise don't act surprised when I lash out on this mic and take your life (whoof )
There goes kellie in the zone don't let him in your home alone with your ole lady or she be screaming oh baby when we get undressed and we start to bone,
Gonna be the greatest rapper aint nobody going to stop that
you didn't wanna rep a toe tag my bad
miscommunication, thought you wanted pure devastation don't change the station some better than me well I'm waiting? Stop playing where's he at?,
I'm in a rush to go back to smoking a bowl finding a beat and writing raps

Hook again