Man Child

by Kellie Wolfe

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released June 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Kellie Wolfe Massachusetts

I'm gonna keep this short and simple. I love to make music. From Horrorcore to Rock and everything in between.

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Track Name: Man Child
Man Child

Here come Kellie Wolfe the Bart Simpson of hip hop,
Don't like it suck my cock!
Track Name: Up On Stage
I'm counting to 3 then I'm smashing heads in,
ill call it heavy metal music then start head banging,
Music with raw emotion wicked shit damn you're talking my language,
Light that spliff burn it down now we feeling faded,
Grab my iPhone charger wrap it around your neck,
Longer than 3 secs now you're dead rappers scat when I yell
who's next?
I don't really know who I can and can't trust no mo'
Then I start second guessing everything I've ever done befo'
My anxiety got me worked up I'm panicking over nothin'
Full of fear and rage and won't stop till Im breakin' somethin',
My fist, your jaw, this door I don't wanna feel this way anymore,
Feeling like I could kill you with a chainsaw,
Massacre playing the image of your dead body in my head,
Gun to head talk me off the ledge,
Always On edge but i pledge to make nothing by dope tunes, something you can bob you head too and let the Anger outta you,

I'm looking up on stage
Hear them chanting their names
Fallin' in love with music
Crowd surfing the night away
We're moshin' we're singing
We're Moshin' we're singing

Started when I was a kid like any drug I got addicted,
To this music man I'd fall in love with everything i written,
Good or bad didn't matter writing all the time climbing up the ladder with shitty music only making me madder,
Pour everything into this art just for you to bad mouth it,
Take this razor blade and make your family grieve over it,
I'm wrong for that? No you don't love her like I do,
Even if she's a cheating hoe you don't know her like I do,
In love with this feeling of being one with the music,
Relate to what they saying now I'm not only one going through it,
Guiding me along the way now I'm schooling it,
Wouldn't be Kellie if I wasn't aggressive with it,
Cocky with it, nasty with it,
treat it like a box keep beating it,
Won't stop till I make this hoe a house wife,
Don't think anyone is good enough that's life,
Head to another show get to the floor the lights go out and now..

Chorus x4
Track Name: Good Day
It's a brand new day, just woke up and it's 7 in the Am,
Ole lady gotta get the kid to school so he ain't late again,
Then its off to school while I wake and bake,
Today feels right today feels great,
Smile on my face hope you can relate,
10:40 text the homie dan that I'm on my way,
About to do another double work flow yeah so ah here we go,
Smoke a bowl or 2 before we walk in the door,
Punch in now I'm ready to rock the floor,
Grab a rack of glasses,
Say hello to everyone I'm passing,
Cackling hen and her man laughing,
just another reminder today gonna be a good day again,

It's a good day
Its a good day
It's a good day
Damn right its a good day x2

I got a day off now hit the studio record this new sound,
Phones filled with songs waiting to be blasted loud,
Wicked is all I know Im just trying to branch out,
Do new things see new things,
Vibing to my Melodies giving you lyrics to sing
Change up like a pitcher David price,
But always giving 100% it's only right,
I got drive I got determination no one can stop that,
This feeling in my heart knowing your jamming out to me
nothing tops that,
That's real talk I know my singing always off key,
Like yours in the shower don't look at me differently,
Don't be silly admit that you feel me
Nomo negativity
I got no time for your envy.

Hook x 2

Skit with my youngest brother

Hook x2
Track Name: Oh No! featuring Kidd Savage and Bonez Dubb
This is all I know (all i know)
This is all I know (all i know)
You know what that mean? (Wha wha wha?)
Kellie wolfe about to blow, (Oh shit!)
I'm smoking on that indo oh no,
Shoot first no questions like popo
oh no oh no oh no
oh no oh no oh no
This is all I know (all i know)
This is all I know (all i know)
You know what that means? (Wha wha?)
Kid Savage about to blow, (Oh shit!)
No I don't do drive bys oh no,
Pull up in the front and go straight to the door,
oh no oh no oh no
oh no oh no oh no

Here comes an evil genius rocking shell toe adidas,
Acting the meanest yeah me and my crew need this,
Rappers wish I never evolved from a fetus,
Sorry n shit your girl looks this way she finna get the penis,
I'm so fresh with the raps you would think I was from Bell Air,
I'll make you uncle phil(feel) like Will about his dad it aint fair,
Your blood pressure gettin high when you sayin my name
it gets you more fucked Up than a line of cocaine,
Oh No!

KW (3rd verse)
you want something dope I'll do a line a bath salt,
Now I'm ready your not for this lyrical assault,
Your fault I'm about to take a bite outta your throat,
And i aint stopping till your dead and that face turns blue,
Grape fruit spoon pop out your eye,
Now your watching my back for life i crack open a rock and rye,
im Sitting back with my crew chillin reminiscing,
knowing we're the reason why all you rappers are go missing,
Oh No!

Kid Savage and Bonez Dubb Lyrics coming soon
Track Name: Sex and Perfume Ft Melody Mercury
I told you that I loved you and I truly ment it,
From the purest part of my heart you deserve every ounce of it,
I looked into the mirror
I told you what I see,
you then looked me in the eyes,
And promise me you won't give up on kellie,
I thanked you for it, then you kissed the neck,
The way your lips felt (ohhh)so I tossed you on the bed,
So then, I kissed your forehead,
Then you, you kissed my head,
That's when, our love spread,
When we making movies in this bed,
I pull her closer getting deeper loud cause she a screamer,
Digging her nails into me only means she want me to hurt her,
Crying out my name and begging me not to stop,
Wishing I could pause this moment cause shorty the balls drops,
This is just a memory I'm left to hold onto,
and nothing to show for it, and to be clear she's long gone too,
Now I'm sitting in this bar stoned and intoxicated,
Take this girl home to smash till I'm blacked out heavily sedated,

When the memories
Go through my mind
I'll think of you one last time
and breathe in the sex and perfume

It's getting hot heavy taking over one another,
Not even inside yet but I'm already inside of her,
Telling me to love her and for a moment I fall In love,
Cause I heard her voice when she called me daddy it hit me like a drug,
And I don't know how to explain it,
I know I'm feeling anxious, so I pick her up press her against the wall her picture frames are breakin
her knees are shaking as shes yelling out she cummin,
Only time I feel something that's why I give her all my lovin,
Fast forward past the endless disconnect,
Love doesn't exist only sex in this bed,
the hurtful things I said,
A lot things I regret,
Repeating the past it's all I know that's how we ended up in this bed,
So how did it happen? We must of locked eyes,
I can see the pain inside on the real you try to hide,
But forget about it,
I wanna make you feel good tonight,
And make you feel loved cause that's all We want and ill love you right.

Track Name: 100 (Interlude)
comming soon
Track Name: The Last Time
Whens the last time we talked about it?
Whens the last time we talked about it?
Whens the last time we had a conversation? x2

I'll admit i ain't afraid of confrontation,
Ain't afraid to speak about the things thats going through my head when I'm hurtin either,
going through this heart break fever,
thinking if rolls were revered i would of never ever leave her,
but it is what it is i guess, down and depressed,
I miss your curves in your black flower dress,
I kiss you good bye your off to school to ace another test,
well freckles simply cause your are the best,
better than the rest,
You got me impressed to see how perfect you are,
the brightest shining star in my galaxy you are,
i miss me you and D, movie night us 3,
Go-Gurt, ice cream, snickers and you laying on me,
holding onto me like you never wanted to let go,
Scared of another heart break afraid to let my love show,
i wish i could hold you in these arms once again,
Fall asleep knowing we got our lives back on track again,

Whens the last time we talked about it?
Whens the last time we talked about it?
Whens the last time we had a conversation? x2

Would it be okay to take a minute of your time darlin,
Would it be okay to write you a rhyme darlin?
too late i already did,
there's nothing i rather do,
than spend my whole life loving the two of you!


Whens the last time we talked about it?
Whens the last time we talked about it?
Whens the last time we had a conversation? x2
Track Name: Like No Other
Yo Kellie Wolfe,
you are my lover
Can't nobody do it quite like me
Can't nobody do it quite like me
2017 Man Child
Never gonna be another
Never gonna be another

Can't nobody do it quite like me
Can't nobody do it quite like me
Never gonna be another
Never gonna be another

I remember the first record that I bought,
Blood in blood out by AMB those cats were self taught,
Now my love for music being shared by you,
my Beats banging through your speakers damn I wanna thank you,
That's out the way now I'm about to kill it leave it in a hearse
Still waiting for these rappers to try and diss my verse,
Not trying to throw anybody's name in the dirt,
But I'll body you on your own beat and leave your crew butt hurt,
Get to the basement find a rapper in a pool of red,
Like no other the next level of murder rap leave em all dead,
Fuck yea I'm serious I'm a man of my word,
I expect everyone to be but I guess that's absurd,
But fuck it no pun intended that's what the mic for,
A winner not a loser like what I need to fight for?
Kellie wolfe a killer please don't make me have to,
Cause if you bringing beef feeding my stomach I'm still gonna hurt you
Like no other.

Can't nobody do it quite like me
Can't nobody do it quite like me
never gonna be another
never gonna be another.

Music's been my love since I was a kid,
Why you think I get mad when you diss the kid,
I ain't like this mainstream trash,
Bubble gum mumble radio rap it's all crap wrapped in shrink wrap,
I wanna wind back and smash these average joes,
I ain't talking burger joint i wanna fill you with holes,
Not bullet holes i wanna leave you with knife wounds,
can't keep track how many if you a rapper you doomed,
the Underground my home I've been dwelling for years,
I keep it wicked rated R superstar hit ya with a spear,
Nothin more satisfying then banging your ho,
I'll Watch her collapse cause of vertigo I'll make sure I let you know,
Bodied by a juggalo bobbing your head to this dope flow,
Kels in beast mode, I'm killing it on the low,
I talk a lot of shit cause I ain't afraid to get my ass kicked,
I never sugar coat shit now chop a mango game and lets get lit,

Can't nobody do it quite like me
Can't nobody do it quite like me
Never gonna be another
Never gonna be another x2
Track Name: Savage 2
Let's get this straight you suck more dick than a pornstar,
That makes you some kind of underground rap superstar?
I'll bring your family real pain,
I'm insane fuck boy you lame i'll make your last words out your mouth Joy Lane, (oh shit)
bed sheets if you want the Hernandez experience,
Kellie known to be relentless,
Do you need a witness while I'm spittin vicious writtens
Lane splittin legs twitchin while i'm petting her kitten,
Tough decision when I'm already winning,
Like a game of Mortal Kombat with these rappers here to finish em,
The look in my eyes thats right their fucking different,
Call of duty killing shit,
Metal gear solid stealthy shit,
Sneak behind you assassin creed shit give the neck a quick slit,
Chuck it in the fuck it bucket clearly don't give a fuck about it
Cock stomp your tranny mother.
S.M.F. a Sick mother fucker,
Crossing lines like a Mexican,
This zipper head bombing on y'all like I was trump let's make America great again,
Now ill beat you in the head with a banana,
while I'm getting head and when I'm done i hit her in the head with a hammer ,
being a jackass like I'm Bam magera,
While you on Instagram stunting like Zoo lander,
Posing for the camera,
Im out here grinding to out shine ya,
Chopping up these lines like rocks
Pounding back like taking shots,
Breaking teeth curb stomp,
What's quitting? cause I'll never stop,
I do everything you hate,
you do nothing cuz you fake,
talking shit cause I want you to hit me,
Proving yo dicks tucked between your pussy,
Fuckin Bruce Jenner wanna be,
Watch Your mouth
who's stopping me?
Goosefraba damn calm down kellie,
Labeled hostile cuz I threw a bar stool,
At a fool,
Who claimed to be a fan of you,
That rude dude covered in tattoos,
Look how cute you got your keyboard hater cape on,
Mask and all looks like you about to get your hate on,
Let's get one thing straight if we ain't in the same room,
For you to say it to my face you better keep it to yourself,
cause My trigger finger itching to let off this ammunition,
My mission got you wishing i didn't have this ambition,
You keeping your life? That's my decision
Call me Charlie sheen cause I'm always winning
Axe tatted on my neck I stay Wicked,
Give me a mic and watch me merk it,
now Look up kellie click add to playlist,
This wicked shit I was raised In it
Coming for who you thinking is the greatest,
Fellas I'm dangerous, cause a machete to your neck is always a must,
(Burp) I'm sorry for my ignorance it wasn't very smart,
But if it came out the other end it would of been a fart,
Which means Im shittin you while I'm going hard,
Pounding on my chest like a retard
That ignorant sound that alarm,
You claiming you got bars you better stop with that trash
I think I hear thunder, gods bout to strike your lying ass,
Canonize fresh crew say word it's Kellie Wolfe,
Imurda2 not only booth and that's the fucking truth
Track Name: Sail Away
coming soon
Track Name: Grow Up
coming soon
Track Name: Never Say Goodbye
Broken language seems like i know,
And I'm too selfish to let you go,

I miss that freckled smile hair in my face,
I miss the way you hold me and the way you would taste,
But ya, all gone and I can't blame anyone but myself,
For real,
Drowning out my sorrows in bottom of a bottle and I don't drink,
Dirty Heads on repeat so you wit me in my head trying not to over think,
Been scared and lonely without you at night I feel empty wondering do you?
Still think of me I never ment to hurt you just to scared to let you in,
Still hypnotized by that god given smile,
Telling myself you'll be back but I know it's denial
it's denial

Never say good bye x 4

Broken language seems like i know,
And I'm too selfish to let you go,
Never say good bye,
No never say it,
Never say goodbye,
no never say it,
Never say goodbye,
No never say it,
Never say goodbye,
No never say it,

You know I love you like Kevin loves V,
You know I love you like Fiona loves Jimmy Steve,
And when it's got hard to breath you were my oxygen,
Hoping I'll wake up and you'll be next to me again.
Track Name: Old Man
Take a look at my life old man
I'm a lot like you,
Take a look at my life old man
I'm a lot like, I'm a lot like you.

I'm my old man
When I look into the mirror I see an angry man,
Determined to fill the shoes in the booth right hear is truth don't wanna Eva wanna lose,
The feeling in my heart when I'm looking at you,
Selfish me hell no not true,
If 90% of time you can only see your dad was in a mirror what else would you do?
See I work 7 days a week between my job, love for music passed on
By my dad and mom
And I thank you for it after every song,
Hear your voices always singing along,
To every rose has its thorns,
By poison still one of my favorites,
Make this song for you my greatest,
Turning pages of lyrics from every cd that I bought,
Thinking to myself i gotta thank my dad for showing me this beautiful art,
See my dad a strictly a rock head,
Always hated any kind of hip hop,
When I'm blasting twiztid rock the dead,
He be yelling to make that shit stop,
Friday night Taco Bell night and couple rodeo burgers,
Watching supernatural or a horror movie so loud we wake neighbors,
Same went for music if we were listening then so we're they,
And they coudnt stand it like he couldn't stand my music pretty ironic if I must say,

Take a look at my life old man
I'm a lot like you,
Take a look at my life old man
I'm a lot like, I'm a lot like you.

I'm my old man,
From my heart on my sleeve,
To always getting angry,
I'm my old man,
to always jamming out to music
And the need to take care of my family,

I'm my old man
Always playing with his band or supporting another band,
Reminds me of the good ole days at the palladium,
Damn I'm starting to sound like my ole man,
Going through old photos look it's Dad and Gary Cherone,
Poster of my pops and his band hanging so I'm never alone,
Twat you say? i cunt hear you, yeah i know I'm a savage,
My ole man himself is the Elite Savage,
Claiming it since he was kid and then he passed down to me,
determined so Nobody taking that away from kellie,
Better chance getting struck by lightning, finding gold, or win the lottery,
A large amount of course for those who hate me just to hate,
Pops taught me to brush you off but honestly I don't care
Pops is yelling at my brother he didn't take out the trash,
Now I'm sitting here I don't mean to laugh,
Just a blast from the past, pops whooping my ass,
For forging his signature cause i was skipping class,
He always found out I just loved that adrenaline rush,
I Felt alive knowing there were repercussions for bad shit I've done,
I'm sitting here in the home that I was so quick to run from,
learned a lot from being on my own walking in my fathers footsteps so he knows he's not alone.

hook out
Track Name: Family
I'm just chillin with my family
Playing some Pokémon go riding in the Chevy
I'm just chillin with my family
hangin out with baby Ava ain't she so cute
I'm Just chillin with my family
it wouldnt be home if someone wasnt yelling,
I'm chilling with my family,
Kicking back in the studio just reminiscing,

Yo I was going through a dark time in my life,
But I had my homies here to lift me up and set me right,
Crying every day over a broad I chose over blood,
And I aint doing that again im stickin with my real love,
My team, sinima beats, and anyone that believes in Kellie Wolfe,
I got nothing to lose but yet so much to prove,
Lost in this beautiful dream I would love to make my reality,
I I don't think I have ever wanted something so badly
I Pour my soul into this mic, become the greatest I might,
My 4 siblings with me climbing to the top we setting these bars height,
And I don't care if you feeling this especially if you ain't a Koehler,
its Family Over Everything i thought I already told yer,
straight Killer when I spit I'm a cold hearted prick,
Anger management didn't help a bit you better watch your lip,
Cause I'm feeling angry like Lip from Shameless I'm about to trip,
Zacky calms me down with his All.In.One Gaming freshness,


Yo there's Kyle making a sack sidelines getting wild,
I couldn't be more proud it sucks I was gone a while,
But I'm here making it up playing Pokémon go in the chevy,
We taking down these gyms i feel my chest getting heavy,
I guess i still got a heart I thought it was gone when she got away,
I'm Still broken hearted with so much left here to say,
That what my sister is for if its about a broad I go to her,
She tells me how it is shes blunt and straight forward that's why I love her,
Kidd Savage had a kid btw that's my brother Coby,
One of my favorite rappers and he learned it from me,
Lost the drive but Ava brought it back in him except as a father
Something I couldn't do so here's to you and your daughter,
My only niece as of now but we Koehler's we get around,
You laughing like it's a joke but ask about Kellie in A town,
I am a little man whore and that's the Man Child in me,
And all I need is my happy dysfunctional family bitch,


I'm writing this In the office at work trying not to cry live with so much regret I'm here to swallow my pride,
Say I'm sorry for bailing like a did I basically ran away,
I couldn't face you guys so I stole my shit and went away,
Knew what I was doing was wrong but I was in over my head,
Felt like I was drowning with the hurtful things I said,
Mom and Dad I don't hate you I mean how could I?
After all the evil shit I did you took me back with both arms open wide,